Sick Leave/Remote Work Policies (administrative staff)

  • If any employee is sick or experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, they are required to stay home;
  • If any employee is known to be exposed to someone with COVID-19, the employee must self-quarantine for 14 days after known exposure;
  • If any employee has concerns about transportation to work, this should be expressed to their supervisor. The supervisor has the ability to grant remote work as long as the employee has the ability to accomplish their job from home and demonstrates that their work will be done at the same level of quality and in the same time frame without any additional resources required from the company;
  • If an employee reports a positive test to COVID-19, (s)he must report this to the Executive Director;
  • Employees should also contact their local Public Health Authority or family physician to inform them of their symptoms and receive further guidance;
  • Employees who have recovered from a positive case can only return to work with a medical clearance from a qualified medical practitioner.

Precautions Taken:

  • Cleaning of facility (esp. common space – i.e. washrooms, kitchen & stairwell)

City of Vancouver is cleaning the facility three times per week and ensuring management that the cleaning staff are monitored for COVID-19 symptoms; Cleaning staff are expected to wear gloves when they are cleaning and expected to physically distance if interactions take place with others in the space. Staff that work in pairs on equipment are required to wear masks and those who work alone are encouraged to wear masks. Staff are expected to inform Supervisor if they develop symptoms and expected to see doctor for further instructions.?

  • Signage in facility has been installed in all relevant spaces;
  • Maximum capacity has been set at 42 people in the Orpheum basement. This capacity is posted at the entrance to the space and will be kept at a level well below that capacity as the total number of staff is significantly lower than this capacity.?


  • Only 1 visitor at a time is allowed in the space; this is monitored by whichever staff member is responsible at the time for buzzing in visitors;
  • Disinfectant is available upon entry to every guest; masks are also available to all staff members and visitors;
  • Stairwell capacity is set at 2 people at a time, walking up or down the stairs;

Within Shared/Common Space:

  • No flow map or arrows have been placed on the floor, as it is expected that staff members will yield to others to retain 2 meters distance between fellow staff and visitors at all times;
  • Refrigerator is for the use of Ballet BC only; disinfectant will be set immediately beside the refrigerator with a sign that requires handle to be cleaned after each use;
  • Common area board table arranged for maximum of 10 people with 2 meters between each meeting attendee;


  • Limit use to 1 person at a time;
  • Must wipe down with sanitizing napkins after each use (staff responsibility);
  • No shared utensils, cups or plates; Only what staff bring from home for personal use;
  • No shared coffee maker or other appliances (refrigerator and microwave only – must be wiped down after each use);


  • 1 person at a time; wiped down after each use (including door handles);

IT/Copy Room

  • 1 person at a time; wiped down copier and door handles after each use;


  • No personal deliveries to the office;
  • Business deliveries –buzzed in to receive the package at the bottom of the stairs;