Oct 31 – 8:00pm
Nov 1 2 – 8:00pm

Program 1 invites you to surrender to the sublime experience of living. We launch the season with works by two acclaimed dance makers. Aszure Barton opens the evening with the Ballet BC premiere of BUSK, showcasing her versatile and poignant choreography. Probing and liberating, Johan Inger’s B.R.I.S.A. returns to delight Vancouver audiences.

1.1 Ballet BC Premiere


Aszure Barton

“The word ‘busk’ comes from the Spanish root word ‘buscar’, meaning ‘to seek’. In BUSK, intellect, candour, and sheer physicality establish an honest connection with the audience. Through BUSK, we return to the ecstasy of pure movement, something that makes you feel completely moved.”
—Aszure Barton

Edmonton-born, internationally renowned choreographer Aszure Barton transports us into the world of busking to elevate the beauty and grace that exist in the struggles of everyday life. Set to an atmospheric score, Barton’s dynamic choreographic language moves the dancers through a poetic, grounded sensibility transporting audiences to an intimate space.

1.2 North American Premiere—Ballet BC 2017


Johan Inger

“…Johan Inger loves absurdist touches, offbeat props, and earthy, all-too-human movement and emotion.”
—Georgia Straight

We are pleased to welcome back B.R.I.S.A. by Johan Inger to entice our intellect and captivate our senses by exploring themes of awakening and change. One of today’s most distinguished dance makers, Inger’s choreographies have won numerous prestigious awards and are featured in major international companies.


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