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A first for Ballet BC’s repertoire, Shakespeare’s classic Romeo and Juliet has inspired many an artist with its tragic tale of “star-crossed lovers.” Compelling in its timelessness, the work captures audiences with its deeply human story and enduring themes of love, fate and family. Reflecting on the divisions that persist in today’s world, Ballet BC will offer a fresh and thought-provoking retelling of the classic that profoundly resonates today.

2.1 World Premiere

Romeo + Juliet

Medhi Walerski

“Story is important to us as human beings—it connects us to each other, the past, enriches our present and moves us toward the future.” —Medhi Walerski

Ballet BC is thrilled to have this iconic story expertly crafted by Medhi Walerski, one of the most original voices in international dance today. Set to Sergei Prokofiev’s original score, this full-length commission showcases Walerski’s signature style that brings together dazzling landscapes woven with poetic, unpredictable and complex imagery. Walerski brings a contemporary familiarity to the story of Romeo and Juliet—“the vision of love that Shakespeare gave us in this master work is very precious. It is like holding a jewel in your hand that needs to be protected.”

His previous creations for Ballet BC, Petite Cérémonie, Prelude and Natus, were instant successes with audiences in Vancouver and on tour. Romeo and Juliet will be Walerski’s second full-evening commission for Ballet BC, and his first full-length narrative work. This innovative reworking of the full-length classic is a collaboration between Dutch set and lighting designer Theun Mosk, an international team of collaborators and the Arts Umbrella Graduate Dance Program.


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