May 7 8 9 – 8:00pm

A momentous time for Ballet BC, we are thrilled to bring together two of the most influential artists in international dance today. Following the Vancouver success of his masterwork Minus 16, the legendary Ohad Naharin returns to exhilarate audiences with one of his more recent works, Hora. To close we offer the much anticipated return of the mesmerizing and provocative Bill by collaborators Sharon Eyal and Gai Behar.

3.1 BC Premiere


Ohad Naharin

“I play with rules. I make up rules. I break those rules.”
—Ohad Naharin

Ballet BC is honoured to be the first company in North America to perform Hora by Ohad Naharin, iconic choreographer and former artistic director of the Batsheva Dance Company. Luminous and intoxicating, Naharin ignites a kaleidoscopic and stimulating world bathed in radiant, phosphorescent green. Created in 2009, and with a synthesized score by one of the pioneers of electronic music, Japanese composer Isao Tomita, the work brings new dimensions to the contrast of the individual and the collective; of tradition and modernity.

3.2 Canadian Premiere —Ballet BC 2016


Sharon Eyal & Gai Behar

“[Bill] is unsettling, unexplained and weirdly brilliant.”
—The Guardian

As artistic director of her own company, L.E.V., Eyal is one of the most sought after voices in dance today. Bill is intense, raw and primal; a mix of dance, music and design that creates a world unlike any other. The charged choreography embodies Eyal and Behar’s signature style—moving the dancers through large and small groups that morph into breathtaking solos. Sensual and visceral, Bill has become a signature of the company’s repertoire that has fascinated audiences around the globe.


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